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Interested in Jewelry History? 

Miles-Beamon Jewelry has compiled an array of fascinating history and general information about jewelry from various online resources. The information presented on this website ranges from the origin of a precious stone to the history of the diamond engagement ring and everything in between.  


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Jewelry is about memories, emotions, messages and so much more

Whatever you wear, a piece of jewelry, fake or real, expensive or not so much, can really finish your look and the way you feel about yourself when going into the world. A piece of jewelry is often also that tangible preciousness that reminds us of who and what matters to us. Memories, messages. Just touching and twisting that bracelet that your friend gave you when you were so down, can be comforting. One can look at the ring, once worn by their grandmother, so full of significance. The piece might not be valuable or even be very pretty. Yet, their value for you is priceless. Credit:

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