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Mr. Jack Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken's entire menu is available for catering. We do add $30 per order for delivery with a $165.00 order minimum. 

  • Our delicious sides are limited to two options when placing a catering order. 

  • All orders include dinner rolls, silverware, server ware, and paper products.

  • The catering schedule is coordinated by the manager. Available for catering only are our coffee traveler boxes-- $14.75 serves 8 to 10 people. 

  • When placing your catering order, please provide specific information for special instructions and delivery instructions. 

  • Warmers and warming candles are available at an additional cost of $11.75 per set

  • Beverages and desserts are sold by units. 


Food for Any Occasion 


We deliver your meals hot and ready to serve and eat! 

Our Delicious Peruvian Herbs, Spices & More


History of Peru

Republic of Peru is a country located in South America with mountains, deserts, rainforests, and beaches (Pacific Ocean) where the Capital is Lima. The people of Peru are a diverse mix of different cultures, years ago the Incas, Spaniards, descendants of Africans, Asians, and many others.

The large biological diverse area of Amazon in Peru is home to the most bird species in the world, the third largest number of mammals and a very high number of species of butterflies and orchids.

Peru celebrates its Independence from the Spanish Empire on July 28th of every year.



There’s juiciness and meatiness to this chili – more akin to a tomato than a pepper – that’s set ablaze with surprising heat.

aji panca (1).jpg

Aji Panca

A member of the baccatum family of chiles. They're fruity, sweet, and surprisingly complex compared to their better-known cousins like poblanos, jalapeños, and serranos

aji limo.jpg

Limo Pepper

Limo is a super hot, citrus like lemon flavor pepper known as qillu uchu.

huacatay 1.jpg


Known as the black mint (pronounced "wah-ka-tay") is a herb with a strong aromatic flavor that is used in many traditional Andean dishes.

maiz morado(1).jpg

Maiz Morado

Purple Corn was traditionally used by the Peruvian people of the Andes as a natural colorant for foods and beverages.



One of the top super foods produced in Peru. This beloved Incan favorite is full of beta carotene, iron, zinc, etc. Its flavor is described as reminiscent of maple, caramel or pumpkin.

aji amarillo.jpg

Aji Amarillo

This chili pepper is a spicy South American pepper with vibrant orange-yellow skin and fruity flavor.



A wheat berry that has its outer hull removed and its natural from Peru. It’s a very healthy source of hydrates used by athletes.



Peru is the world’s largest producer of quinoa. It’s very rich in vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber and minerals.

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