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St Phillips Baptist Church Ministries


St. Phillips Baptist Church is a vibrant and diverse church committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our various ministries, we seek to provide guidance and support to our congregation and to the wider community. We invite you to join us for our services and to come and see the difference that faith can make in your life.


Deacon Carroll M. King, Chairman
Deacon Earnest Montgomery, Vice Chairman
Deacon Emeritus Bobbie Sears, Chaplain
Deacon Charles J. Murphy

Image of the back of a church pew


Deaconess J. Mae Davis, Chairlady
Deaconess Francine E. Owens, Vice Chairlady
Deaconess Blanche B. Layne
Deaconess Margaret Montgomery, Chaplain



Trustee Henrietta Rollins, Chairman
Deacon Charles J. Murphy, Vice Chairman
Trustee Arlette J. King, Treasurer
Trustee Asia Blake, Financial Secretary
Deaconess J. Mae Davis, Assistant
Sis. Yvette Sears, Assistant

Holy Bible
Faith and Church
Church Stained Glass


Rev. Christopher Thorne, President
Deacon Carroll King, Vice President
Bro. George Short, Chaplain
Rev. James K. Saunders III, Treasurer
Vacant, Secretary

Faith and Church


Deaconess Blanche Layne, President
Trustee Asia Blake, Vice President
Trustee Henrietta Rollins, Secretary/Treasurer
Chaplain, Tr. Arlette J. King

Women attending church service
Faith and Church


Ministerial Staff

Rev. Alfred Wright, Jr., Senior Pastor
Minister Beatrice Wright, Associate Minister
Reverend Christopher Thorne, Associate Minister
Reverend James K. Saunders III, Associate Minister
Rev. Dr. SimmieRay L. Niang-Dinkins, Associate Minister
Elder Janine Puller, Associate Minister
Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Andre’ H. Owens, Retired

Sunday School Ministry

Sis. Mary Gerald, Superintendent
Rev. Christopher Thorne, Assistant Superintendent
Deaconess Francine Owens, Young Adults Teacher
Deaconess J. Mae Davis, Primary Teacher
Sis. Alexis Wright, Assistant Primary Teacher
Trustee Henrietta Rollins, Secretary/Treasurer


Evangelism Ministry

Min. Beatrice Wright, President
Rev. Christopher Thorne, Vice President
Deacon Earnest Montgomery, Chaplain
Sis. Arneice Berry, Secretary/Treasurer


Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Bro. Anthony Trogdon, President
Bro. Larry Younger, Vice President
Sis. Tiffany McAllister, Chaplain
Tr. Asia Blake, Secretary Treasurer

Music Ministry

Bro. Anthony Trogdon, Drummer, Sound Tech, Videographer, Live Stream Tech
Bro. Larry Younger, Bass Player
Bro. Leon Kelly, Pianist
Bro. Sean Bush, Pianist/Organist
Bro. Charles Sykes, Musician, Voices of St. Phillips Choir
Minister Michael Brookins, Pianist/Organist


Voices of St. Phillips Choir

Tr. Arlette J. King, President
Tr. Henrietta E. Rollins, Vice President


Praise and Worship Team

Sis. Crystal Short, Director
Deaconess Blanche B. Layne
Sis. Tiffany McAllister
Sis. Phyllis Brown
Sis. Octavia McAlpine

Might Men of Valor Choir

Rev. Alfred Wright, Jr.
Rev. James K. Saunders III
Rev. Christopher Thorne
Deacon Carroll King
Deacon Earnest Montgomery
Deacon Emeritus Bobbie Sears
Bro. George Short


Usher Ministry

Usher Board # 2
Trustee Henrietta Rollins, Pres.
Trustee Arlette J. King, Secretary/Treasurer
Sis. Yvette Sears
Deaconess Blanche Layne

First Sunday Ushers
Deacon Carroll M. King
Trustee Arlette J. King

Young Adult Ushers/Men’s Usher Board
Bro. Don Banks


Media Ministry

Bro. Anthony Trogdon
Sis. Aaliyah Wright
Sis. Alexis Wright


Administrative Ministry

Tr. Arlette J. King, Church Administrator, Secretary, & Bulletin Clerk
Tr. Asia Blake, Assistant
Deaconess J. Mae Davis, Assistant


Church Property Managers                              

Tr. Arlette J. King
Tr. Henrietta Rollins
Deacon Carroll M. King


Church Sexton/Janitor

Rev. James K. Saunders

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