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Be a F A T Christian

Faithful  —  Available  — Teachable


The Church member has sacred responsibilities.  You have become a member of God’s family and it is your privilege and duty to play your part in forwarding and helping the cause of Jesus Christ.  God has a plan for the world; and, you – the Church member, as a Christian, fits into God’s plan.  Here are some of your responsibilities as a Church member:


The Pastor cannot do the work of the Church alone.  He needs others to help him.  There are many ways of helping such as ushering, singing in the choir, the mission and outreach programs, and holding an office in the Church.  Remember, you are serving Christ and not the Pastor.  God gives rewards for your works, not your idleness.


You should come to know your Bible well.  You should learn how to serve and you should know your Church and its practices.  There are many opportunities for this through the total Church program.  You are expected to become actively involved in our Church Bible study and training programs.


A Christian is always desirous that others would come to know Jesus Christ.  We are God’s ambassadors.  Therefore, our lives should always represent Christ.  The Church offers opportunities for witnessing through various missionary and outreach programs.  God says we are His witnesses, Christ made known to others by us.  Share Christ by becoming a soul-winner!


Prayer is a vital part of Christian living.  All Christians should learn how to pray in order that their lives may experience its many benefits and blessings.  Joining with others in prayer affords a great spiritual stimulus. 


Worship keeps the soul of your Church alive.  You should regularly attend worship services and be faithful.  You should be reverent at all times in Church.  Remember, you are worshiping God.


What you give is between you and God.  Our Church advocates tithing.  This means giving one-tenth of all the money earned to Christ and His Church.  We should give cheerfully because God has given us everything in the first place.  You are urged to give regularly, Sunday by Sunday.  The Church has many expenses and it supports a foreign, state, and local mission programs.  Remember, tithing is a starting point for Christian giving.

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